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Specialty Welding & Machine started from humble beginnings. The business began in late 1979 as a small owner-operated welding shop, simply named "Specialty Welding", co-owned by Sidney & Dawna Mauldin. The company simply started with a drill-press, welder, pickup truck and a trailer with Sid repairing Casing Guns for local wire line companies. One employee was added around 1981, effectively doubling our employee base. In the early 80s, the company also soon thereafter became a distributor of Titan Products.


In 1986, Specialty Welding purchased the company's first manual lathe, and added a machinist to begin repairing Subs and other Perforating Equipment. With the addition of the first lathe, Specialty Welding expanded the company's name to "Specialty Welding & Machine". In 1990, Owen's Products were added to the line of resale products. In 1996, SWM acquired the company's very first CNC Machine (which we still own and operate today) and started manufacturing custom Cross-Over Subs.


Additional CNC Equipment was purchased and more employees were hired. This marked the beginning of the manufacturing stage. With the expansion of the company and the new state of the art CNC machines, SWM was able to greatly improve on the manufacturing of Perforating Guns and Subs. In 2002, Sid, with the aid of the new equipment, was able to successfully develop and patent a low-swell gun utilizing a "faceted expansion relief system".


In 2005, it was apparent that SWM had outgrown the original location and relocated to the present larger facility. Then were added Lasers and more CNC Equipment all while hiring an additional workforce.


It was becoming evident that our competitors were growing equal to our level of technology. At that point, it was decided to make the next move to the newer technology of Multitasking CNC Equipment. Our new line of CNC Equipment is not only the most advanced in our industry, but is of the most advanced metal turning equipment in existence today.


Incorporated January 1st, 2009, under the name of SWM International Inc. DBA Specialty Welding & Machine. At present, our ongoing attempt to stay ahead has us updating software and tooling. We are consistently riding the leading edge of technology and spare no expense when it comes to upgrading or updating our equipment. With 64 years of combined experience leading the company, equipment which far exceeds what would be required, and a staff of well trained committed employees, we offer a product that cannot be matched in quality, and yet offer flexibility and customization, that is not easily found elsewhere.

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