AdvancedAlign™ Charges

AdvancedAlign™ Charges are the only charges designed specifically for self-orienting perforating. When teamed with the SWM PerfAlign™ Gun in the PerfAlign+ Self-Orienting Perforating System, these charges deliver consistently superior hole quality.

AdvancedAlign Charges are designed to shoot holes ranging from .250 to .550 in diameter, delivering the industry’s only truly “burr-free” holes. Unlike the lower-quality holes created by conventional charges, the “burr-free” perforations produced by AdvancedAlign charges create significantly less friction and turbulence during fracking operations. These lower turbulence levels allow for more uniform pressure throughout the formation, enhancing the fracking process.

Like all SWM perforating charges, these AdvancedAlign charges can be developed and tested to best meet your application’s specific requirements.

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AdvancedAlign™ Perforating Charge Specifications