Perforating Gun Systems

Industry-Leading Perforating Gun Systems

SWM’s advanced perforating gun systems, and the technology behind those guns, underscore the company’s commitment to providing industry-leading gun designs and the best match of gun to the perforating application. As part of its commitment to the industry, SWM encourages customer feedback. This part of SWM’s way of doing business is highlighted by the fact that customer requests have driven a number of the company’s innovations, leading to easier gun operation and optimal perforating outcomes.

In addition to producing high performance perforating guns, SWM can be counted on for industry-leading customer support. Our people in the field are true service reps, not salespeople, and their only job is to assist the customer and help in any way possible to ensure effective perforating outcomes. And if there are any issues, even if competitors’ products are involved, SWM service reps are ready to respond in a timely and helpful manner.

SWM now offers the industry’s leading self-orienting perforating system. Learn more about the PerfAlign+™ Self-Orienting Perforating System, which combines our advanced PerfAlign™ Self-Orienting Perforating Gun and AdvancedAlign™ Shaped Charges, the only charges specially engineered for self-orienting perforating.