Perforating is a Team Game

These 5 words sum up our belief in the way perforation operations should run.

At SWM Technologies, we work in cooperation with both our wireline and oil and gas company customers, in order to deliver the best possible results from perforating operations. We offer leading-edge gun and charge technology, supported by a high level of responsive support. Ultimately, we share the same goal as our wireline and oil and gas partners – delivering effective perforating operations that result in productive wells.

History of SWM

SWM began in 1980 when Sid Mauldin left his employer to start his own company called “Specialty Welding.” Starting with a single customer, a pickup truck, and a small shop building, Specialty Welding got its start by repairing perforating guns. Sid’s high-quality repair work alongside his customer-first approach soon garnered the attention and respect of the wireline industry. After years of helping Sid after hours and on weekends, Dawna Mauldin officially joined her husband full-time in 1999.

Specialty Welding transformed and grew over the years. Shortly after Dawna joined the company, they began investing in machining capabilities and manufacturing new perforating guns. With the new machines, the company was able to greatly improve the manufacturing quality, efficiency, and cost of perforating guns and subs. In 2006, the company moved to a larger facility to house its expanding manufacturing capability, which today is over 100,000 square feet.

Specialty Welding soon took on the name “SWM International” and rapidly grew by providing its customers with high-quality, reliable products. The company has developed numerous different proprietary perforating tools over the years and continues to do so today. SWM, now solely run by Dawna, has become a leading provider of perforating tools and continues to provide world-class service to wireline companies. The company remains headquartered in its hometown, Pampa, TX, where it manufactures and assembles its array of product offerings.


SWM Facility located in Pampa, TX