PerfAlign™ Self-Orienting Perforating Gun

Proven in over 500,000 runs, including long, horizontal runs, SWM’s PerfAlign™ Self-Orienting Gun is the new standard in perforating system technology. The PerfAlign gun is designed to rotate freely, so wellbore friction concerns are virtually eliminated. Weight bars are also unnecessary, so there is no issue of orienting the gunstream towards the weight bars. Instead, each gun naturally orients to the center of gravity in the casing. In addition, the PerfAlign is proven to decrease completion costs by reducing pumping time and the chemicals required to frac a well.

Further proof of the outstanding performance of the PerfAlign is confirmed by data collected from downhole camera imaging during the gun’s perforating runs. In fact, the performance of the PerfAlign is, by far, the most documented of any gun in the industry.

The PerfAlign can be teamed with SWM’s AdvancedAlign™ Charge for the industry’s only true self-orienting perforating system. This self-orienting perforating system has been engineered, tested, and proven to deliver superior perforating performance. Learn more about the system.

Key features of the PerfAlign gun include:


Number of shots1 to 8
OD2-3/4, 3-1/8 in.
Shot density (shots per foot)1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
PhasingAny angle & asymmetrical configurations
Shape ChargesStandard Sizes
Pressure20,000 psi
SubsReusable or disposable
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