About SWM

Perforating is a Team Game™

These 5 words sum up our belief in the way perforating operations should run.

We at SWM Technologies work in cooperation with both our wireline and oil and gas company customers, in order to deliver the best possible results from  perforating operations. We offer leading-edge gun and charge technology, supported by a high level of responsive support. Ultimately, we share the same goal as our wireline and oil and gas partners – delivering effective perforating operations that result in productive wells.

History of SWM

SWM began in 1980 when Sid Mauldin started his own company called “Specialty Welding.” Starting with a single customer, a pickup truck, and a small shop building, Sid focused his new company on repairing perforating guns. Sid’s high-quality repair work and customer-first approach soon got the attention and respect of the wireline industry and was the impetus behind Specialty Welding’s growth. After years of helping Sid after hours and on weekends, Dawna Mauldin officially joined her husband full-time in 1999.

Early in the 2000s, the company began investing in machining capabilities and manufacturing new perforating guns. In 2006, the company moved to a larger facility to house its expanding manufacturing capability, which now measures in excess of 100,000 square feet.

In 2016, Specialty Welding changed its name to “SWM International,” continuing to serve its customers by providing high-quality, reliable perforating guns.

Starting in 2022, the company grew the scope of its product and service offerings through the acquisition of Wireline Supply, a full-service wireline and oilfield products distributor in Midland, Texas. Following the acquisition of Wireline Supply, SWM acquired AdvancedPerf, a leading supplier of charges.

SWM Technologies Today

After having successfully assimilated Wireline Supply and AdvancedPerf, SWM is now able to offer its customers the full range of perforating guns, charges, accessories, and related services under the new company name, SWM Technologies. From its Pampa, Texas headquarters, today’s SWM serves the perforating needs of every major domestic producing area, operating as a cooperative, collaborative teammate for its wireline and E&P company customers.

Reasons To Choose SWM for Perforating Guns and Charges

Focused on Perforating Gun Technology

Over the four decades since SWM’s founding, perforating technologies have been our sole focus. SWM doesn’t suffer the distractions and overhead of product diversification. The company’s level of focus has led it to a size that allows it to quickly evolve perforating gun systems to meet customer needs. With the delivery of over 10 million guns, SWM’s knowledge base is established as a valuable resource of real-world engineering, testing, and operational best practices.

Similarly Focused on Charge Technology

In AdvancedPerf, SWM found a company that shared its vision of a company focused on effective, reliable perforating systems. The scope of the AdvancedPerf line of charges allows for the best fit of charge-to-application, further supporting SWM’s goal of delivering productive perforations.

Integrated Systems

A perf gun is only one component in a system that must work together. SWM switches, control panels, and test boxes perfectly complement the company’s gun systems, ensuring the highest reliability and greatest control in the field. SWM also provides crossover subs that precisely provide the perf-string configuration a job requires.

Expert Engineering

Highly experienced in perforating gun technology, SWM engineers can make the difference when a project requires more than a “cookie-cutter“ solution. The SWM team of experienced engineers can deliver cost-effective solutions to meet even the most difficult perforating challenges. Adding to their expertise, SWM engineers regularly consult with independent operators to optimize perforating project design.

Extensive Manufacturing Capabilities

Combining experienced staff equipped with an impressive installation of machine tools, SWM has the capability and capacity to quickly fulfill orders of almost any volume. To minimize turnaround times, SWM maintains a large inventory of raw steel, and has the capability to transform raw steel into finished products in hours.

Off-The-Shelf Inventory for Immediate Needs

SWM maintains an extensive inventory of standard perforating guns, in the most often requested sizes, along with related accessories. Based on this inventory, SWM can usually respond to a customer’s needs within a day of a request.

Customization to Precisely Meet the Needs of the Application

When a standard gun system won’t fit a specific application, SWM is capable of quickly modifying a current design to meet new requirements. Our engineers collaborate with our customers to develop the most effective customizations for the application. If gun manufacturing alterations aren’t needed, SWM offers numerous combinations of charges, switches, etc., to fit a wide variety of requirements.

Agile, Fast-Response Delivery

Unique among perf gun system providers, SWM operates its own logistics system, including its own fleet of trucks. The SWM fleet provides agile, flexible, fast-response shipping in order to best meet customers’ needs for fast delivery.

Long-Term Customer Commitment

SWM has always been fully committed to customer satisfaction. It is a key part of the company’s DNA. The company emphasizes listening to the customer’s needs and going the extra mile to exceed  customers’ expectations. At SWM, we do whatever it takes to ensure that our customers’ needs are met, and they know that they can count on us…always.