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Case Histories

Self-Orienting Gun Accurately Aligns Perforations In Horizontal Wells


Wide variations in perf-alignment accuracy, along with unreliable perf gun performance, placed artificial limits on potential production by a major Permian Basin operator. These problems had a substantial impact on the profitability of each well. The source of the alignment problem was the use of traditional, eccentric weight bars and swivel subs. This technology had highly uneven results due to wide variations in wellbore friction.



The operator chose PerfAlign Self-Orienting Gun System, from SWM. This system is a fundamental rethinking of how to best orient perforations in horizontal and slant wells. The field-proven system substantially increases perf alignment accuracy and reliability, and it cuts costs by eliminating external, eccentric weight bars and swivel subs.

The advanced design locates the charge-tube assembly and eccentric weights completely inside the carrier. Special low-friction bearings allow the charge-tube assembly to freely rotate inside the carrier. Portless subs, with wire-free contacts and feedthroughs, substantially improve gun reliability, while reducing the cost of assembly time. Six points of grounding ensure trouble-free electrical performance.

Additional advantages include SWM’s PerfStrike™ Compact Addressable Switches and SWM subs. Together, these integrated components comprise the industry’s most advanced self-orienting gun system.



All guns were shot within the specified range of target phasing, with good precision between guns with the same number of shots. SWM’s design has demonstrated the ability to successfully shoot oriented at 90°/270° phasing.