PerfStorm™ PTO - Prewired Oriented Gun

SWM’s PerfStorm PTO offers the same levels of safety, reliability, and cost savings as the classic PerfStorm, with the added capability of manually setting the gun’s orientation at the wellsite. Like the PerfStorm, the  PerfStorm™ PTO is also pre-wired, eliminating the need to wire guns in the field.

Key features of the PerfStorm PTO gun include:

  • Easy manual setting of gun orientation at the wellsite
  • Ability to run disposable subs
  • Can be used with any charge, at any phase
  • Runs 1 – 20 charges
  • Pre-wired, reduces onsite assembly time
  • Built solid for reliability


Number of shots1 to 30
OD2-1/2, 2-3/4, 3-1/8, 3-3/8 in.
Shot density (shots per foot)1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
PhasingAny angle
Shape ChargesStandard Sizes
Pressure20,000 psi
SubsReusable or disposable
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