AdvancedPerf™ Charges

Originally the AdvancedPerf™ company, SWM’s shaped charge group is leading the industry in the development of perforation charges. This group includes some of the industry’s leading experts in the engineering and application of perforating charges, offering over 140 years of combined charge development experience. From its 15,000 square foot location in Poolville, Texas, SWM is setting new standards in meeting customers’ needs for charges that deliver consistently reliable perforating performance.

Selection of Charge Designs for Best Match to the Application

SWM’s AdvancedPerf product line includes three core charge types, each offering a wide range of perf-creating options, ensuring the best match of charge to the application.

If you have a very specific requirement for charge performance, let us know. We’ll be glad to develop, test, and produce a charge designed specifically for your application. Just email us at or call us at 877-665-8747.

Three shaped charges for perforating operations.

AdvancedAlign™ Charges

AdvancedAlign™ Charges are the only charges engineered specifically for self-orienting perforating. Designed to shoot “burr-free” holes ranging from .250 to .550, they deliver superior accuracy and consistency when teamed with the SWM PerfAlign™ Gun in the PerfAlign+ Self-Orienting Perforating System.

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Two shaped charges for perforating operations.

AdvancedFrac™ Equal-Entry™ Charge

AdvancedFrac™ Equal-Entry Charges are the only equal-entry design that delivers “burr-free,” low standard deviation perforating performance at all angles, producing holes ranging that range from .350 to .550.

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Shaped charge for perforating operations.

Advanced™ Good-Hole™ Charge

Advanced™ Good-Hole™ Charges are a general-purpose charge that delivers low standard deviation holes ranging from .300 to .450.

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