A perforating charge and perforating gun on a blue background.

PerfAlign+™ – The ONLY Self-Orienting Perforating System

SWM Technologies is the only company to provide a true self-orienting perforating system, matching specially engineered, tested, and proven guns (PerfAlign™ Self-Orienting Gun) and charges (AdvancedAlign™ Charges) into the industry-leading PerfAlign+™ Self-Orienting Perforating System.

To learn more about the SWM Self-Aligning Perforating System and how it might work for your application, email us at sales@swmtx.com or call us at 877-665-8747.

The PerfAlign™ Self-Orienting Gun

The PerfAlign+™ System starts with the PerfAlign™ Self-Orienting Gun. This advanced gun has established a new standard in perforating performance by reducing critical variables in the perforating process. Specifically, PerfAlign’s ability to create uniformly sized holes significantly contributes to an equal distribution of stimulants throughout a stage during fracking.

The PerfAlign gun rotates freely, so wellbore friction concerns are virtually eliminated. Weight bars are also unnecessary, so there is no issue of orienting the gunstream towards the weight bars. Instead, each PerfAlign gun naturally orients to the center of gravity inside the gun barrel.

Further proof of the outstanding performance of the PerfAlign is confirmed by data collected from downhole camera imaging during the gun’s perforating runs. In fact, the performance of the PerfAlign is, by far, the most documented of any orientation gun in the industry.

As an added benefit, the PerfAlign is proven to decrease completion costs by reducing pumping time and the chemicals required to frac a well.

The superior performance of the PerfAlign is evidenced by over 800,000 units sold.

Key features of the PerfAlign gun include:

  • Proven in 500,000+ runs, more than any competitive orientation gun
  • Creates uniformly sized perforations
  • Cuts completion costs by reducing pumping time and chemical usage
  • Eliminates wellbore friction concerns
  • Automatically orienting design for accurate perforating
  • Up to 8 shots per gun
  • Able to perforate at any desired angle or orientation

The PerfAlign perforating gun from SWM Technologies.
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AdvancedAlign™ Charges

AdvancedAlign™ Charges are engineered, tested, and proven to improve perforations in self-orienting guns. These charges deliver superior accuracy and consistency when teamed with the SWM PerfAlign™ Gun.

AdvancedAlign Charges are designed to shoot holes ranging from 0.250 – 0.550 inches, producing the industry’s only “burr-free” perforations. These “burr-free” perforations provide a consistent coefficient of friction, hole-to-hole, ensuring even pressure throughout a stage and a more uniform distribution of stimulants during fracking.

AdvancedAlign™ Charges Engineered for Your Application

If you have specific requirements for charge performance, let us know. We’ll gladly custom-develop, test, and produce a charge designed specifically for your application. Just email us at sales@swmtx.com or call us at 877-665-8747.