Compact PerfStorm™ Prewired Disposable Gun System

Faster Assembly, Increased Reliability, Lower Cost, Compact Design

SWM’s Compact PerfStorm™ is a shorter, more compact version of our original PerfStorm gun. The Compact PerfStorm has all of the same great features and benefits of our original design but in a more compact length. The advanced system eliminates wiring guns in the field and significantly reduces onsite assembly time. The compact system offers greater safety and reliability than ordinary designs, but in a shorter overall length. This compact design reduces the total cost of perforating operations, by providing you the ability to fit more guns on the gun string while giving the operator the option to use a shorter lubricator and crane when running the guns downhole.


  • Compact, shorter length gun design
  • Ability to run gun string downhole with short lubricator and crane
  • Redundant grounding, with multiple contact points
  • Wire-free connections and feedthroughs
  • Compatible with all common shaped charges and addressable switches
  • Shock, temperature, and pressure tested
  • Cost effective


Number of shots2 (13.5") & 3 (15")
OD3-1/8 in.
Shot density (shots per foot)8
Shape Charges2-3/4" charges
Pressure20,000 psi
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