How SWM Delivers

We operate our own logistics system including our own trucks. This gives us agile, flexible, fast-response shipping and delivery capability. Our logistics system is always on your schedule.

Substantial raw-steel inventory. Powerful manufacturing capability and capacity. In-house logistics. This strong chain of resources allows SWM to be one of the fastest to go from raw steel to delivery of finished product to all major shale basins.

Service Regions

SWM is centrally located to provide the entire Lower-48 extremely quick delivery and best-in-class customer support.

SWM's Long-Term Customer Commitment

From the company’s founding, SWM has been 100% committed to customer satisfaction. Listening, and going the extra mile, are two of the ways SWM's products and services exceed our customers’ expectations. We do whatever it takes to make sure our customers are never disappointed. This is the core reason for our steady growth. SWM’s most valuable asset is our loyal base of repeat customers. Most of our new customers become repeat customers, and we never forget why.